Let's Start Fresh

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Let's Start Fresh

Post by BCGEU HQ » Mon Jan 09, 2017 2:07 pm

We’ve taken some time to re-group and consider your feedback on the first phase of the online member discussion forum. Thanks to all of you who have participated so far.

We’ve learned a lot from the pilot version of the forum and we're ready to move to the next phase with a clean slate.

Some of you raised concerns about the platform and its usability. When we set out to create the discussion forum, we engaged many of you in a focus group to determine your needs and expectations. We looked at several options and chose the current platform because it was the one that met most of the requirements that you set out. We're open to a new direction down the road as technology and your needs evolve.

There was also some discussion about appropriate content for the forum. The online discussion forum will not be a replacement for meaningful interactions between members and their stewards and stewards and their area office staff. It was never the intention of the forum to offer specific labour relations advice. Area office servicing staff will not be moderating the forum, so there is a limit to the advice we can accurately provide. Your member discussion forum is a place for you to connect with other members of the union and share information, experiences and knowledge with one another.

We’re committed to seeing this online discussion forum succeed, but we need your help. In the coming weeks we’ll be sending out invitation emails to groups of members in the following order:

1. Direct government stewards who registered for the forum, but never participated.
2. Direct government stewards who did not join when invited.
3. All other stewards.
4. If successful - All BCGEU members[/list]

To entice stewards and members to use the forum, we need to get some interesting, timely discussions going. As the new moderator, I’ll be clearing out stale threads and starting some new ones; but stewards and members will be much more interested in hearing from you than from me. Let’s all commit to posting as frequently as possible as we launch the forum to a broader audience. Also, be sure to reach out to your own networks of BCGEU activists asking them to get involved.

As your moderator, I’m ready to respond to any questions or suggestions that you have as we move through the next phases of this launch.

Thanks again for your participation and enthusiasm. I look forward to working with all of you to make the online member forum a success.

Erin Sikora
Digital Campaign Specialist
BCGEU Research & Interactive Services Department

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Re: how do you feel about $15 minimum wage

Post by Ange1999 » Mon Apr 03, 2017 5:49 pm

As minimum wage in BC creeps higher, which is wonderful for those that receive it, I begin to ponder the question"if I'm only going to be making $5 an hour more than minimum wage (if it reaches $15)with no real increase in hourly wage as I'm maxed out, would I take a lower paying less stressful job?" What are your opinions

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Re: Let's Start Fresh

Post by adhaliwal » Mon Jun 12, 2017 11:55 am

I honestly think $15 might be tough for a lot of businesses, and we will start seeing more job losses. I know my parents own a business, and there's time where we barely are a float for a number of months.

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Re: Let's Start Fresh

Post by adhaliwal » Tue Jun 13, 2017 9:28 am

You might be better off, you'll be taxed less,

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